Nav & Adv
Paintball ! ! !

The Details



This trip is for Navigators and Adventurers Only.  (Yes, Dads can participate too.)

What - Activities and Agenda

Paintball *** Bring Your Own Lunch *** More Paintball


12771 US Highway 301 N

Tampa, Florida 33592



Saturday, March 23

9 AM to 2 PM

***Must be registered by March 15***


How Much

Price Per Person is $30

This price includes: Gear Rental and Paint

Bring extra cash if you want in on Pizza for Lunch.  $6-8


You are on your own for food AND drinks.

You definitely need to bring lots to drink for your self.  Think Water or Gatorade.

Brink your own lunch.

Some boys and dads are considering pizza delivery.  If you want to get in on that deal, bring some cash.  Consider how much pizza is and budget according to your appetite.

Other Things You Should Bring

Sun Protection

Note from Ken Grace

Nav/Adv Paintball will be Saturday 3/23 from 9 AM to finish.  We'll finish the badge part of the day probably before lunch, but anyone who wants to stay and keep playing for fun after we finish the badge portion is welcome to stay until closing if they want to.  The location is Orbital Paintball, which is 12771 U.S. Hwy 301, Thonotosassa, FL 33592.  Cost is $30 and includes everything you need (entry, rental equip (marker, mask, tank), paintballs, and air): $25 for Orbital and another $5 for extra paint.  You may bring your own stuff if you want to and have it, but everything you need to get the badge and to play will be included with the $30.  Usually, for lunch, people just put in an order for pizza for delivery to the field, but you can bring a lunch if you prefer something other than pizza.  However, if you do want pizza, just bring a little extra cash for that.  Bring something to drink-water Gatorade, etc.  Note: I invited Brandon [1901] to join, and I expect some of the boys will join us.  Parents are invited to play...same cost.  Location: Orbital Paintball in Thonotosassa.

Deadline to register and pay is midnight Friday March 15, 2019 as I’ll need to provide firm numbers and deposit to Orbital on Saturday March 16, 2019, which is one week out.

Registration is Closed

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