Freedom Award

freedom award.png

The Freedom Award is the highest honor a Trailman can earn while in the Trail Life USA program.  It is not an easy task, and forethought is required to achieve this honor.  One of our Trailmen, Donovan Rexroad, took the time to make the process a little more clear and shared this message with his fellow Adventurers in the hopes that the requirements for earning this honor may more easily be understood.

Hello Adventurers, this is Donovan. During the meeting on Tuesday, some people were asking about the requirements for the Freedom Award. In your handbook it shows all the requirements in a consolidated list, but is lacking in many details that are necessary for knowing how to complete them, mostly when it comes to the major and minor freedom experiences and the big project. Attached are three documents, one expounding on all the requirements, another talking about the major and minor freedom experiences, and the final one discussing the big project. I would highly recommend anyone who hopes to one day achieve the freedom award (even if they haven't earned the Horizon award yet) to look at these two documents as you can start working on them RIGHT NOW! If you see an opportunity to get one of these things done then you can get it approved and signed off anytime while being an adventurer. Hopefully this clears up any confusion with the badge, as it can be very difficult to understand.

Expounded Requirements: Freedom Award Procedure Guide.pdf

Major and Minor Freedom Experiences: Freedom Experiences Course Catalog.pdf

Big Project: Servant Leadership Project Guide.pdf



Walk Worthy, Donovan