Troop FL-0007

Clay Shoot

Saturday, June 17th

8 AM - Noon

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Assuming they sell ammo, how much does the ammo cost? (i.e. if someone shows up without ammo on the day of the event). Are the rounds included with the fee of renting a gun?

*******Ammo will be included in the Price!!!!******

  • What are the age limits for shooter?

Regarding child shooters: they need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  The facility suggests that the child be 12 or up; although a larger stronger 10-11 year old, esp. an experienced one, would be able to shoot.  Issue is gun weight and length and kick.  410s are allowed but not as effective.  12 gauges are intimidating because of power and kick.  She recommends a lighter shorter 20 gauge for children 12 and up.  They do not have child size shotguns for rent, so better to bring own shotgun for children.

  • What should I expect at this event regarding shooting?

Each shooter will shoot 50 rounds, which is 2 boxes.  Because of the number of shells (50) and the number of stations (10-12 we think), we will shoot 4 or 6 times per station depending on the station.  Some stations we’ll shoot at clay A 3 times and clay B 3 times and others 2 times at clay A and 2 times at clay B.  We do not think we’ll be shooting at pairs…that is probably too difficult for most because of simultaneous launch.  The day of, we will go over the number of shots, the stations, and the score cards.  The score cards will reflect the number of shots to be fired at each station.  We keep our own score-like golf. 

  •  Are Carts included?

Carts are included…4 people per cart.

Other Information:

In an effort to try and get more shooters, we are going to change what is included in the cost of attending the Clay Shoot. Ammo will be included in the price!!! In addition, if someone needs a gun we will provide one gun for a team of four. If an individual registers, we will place them on a team. If the 4 individuals do not have a gun between the four of them then we will get a gun for them. 

What this means is that for an individual to go it is $125. They just need to bring ear and eye protection.

If a group of 4 signs up then that is $100 per person. If between the four of them nobody has a gun, we will rent a gun from the the clay shoot facility for the team. 

What to Bring

  • 12 or 20 Gague shot gun capable of firing 2 shots

  • Eye & Ear Protection

  • Shell bag to carry shells

  • Cash or check for mulligans & drawings

Event Location

Tampa Bay Sporting Clays

10514 Ehren Cutoff

Land O' Lakes, FL 34639

  • $125 Individuals

  • $400 Team of Four


  • Continental Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Golf Carts

  • Trophies

  • Drawing Prizes

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